Advanced Technology

So many changes have been introduced to the oral health care community in the last several years. Global Dental Associates is proud to offer our patients the latest in these technologies. Opening our doors in the summer of 2009, there are no newer forms of technology available for your care and comfort. In addition to the incredible facility, state-of-the-art sterilization and equipment, we offer to all of our patients:

  • Digital Radiography
  • Intraoral Camera
  • Patient Education

Digital Radiography

Digital radiology may represent the greatest technological advance in medical imaging over the last decade. The use of photographic films for x- ray imaging will be obsolete in a few years. An appropriate analogy that is easy to understand is the replacement of typical film cameras with digital cameras. Images can be taken, immediately examined, deleted, corrected, and subsequently sent to a network of computers.

The benefits from digital radiology are enormous. It will make the facility filmless. The referring dentist can view the requested image on a desktop personal computer, often with the report, just minutes after the examination was performed. The images are no longer held in a single location; they can be seen simultaneously by dentists and specialists in different locations. In addition, the patient can have all his or her xrays on a compact disk to take to another dentist or specialist.

Another benefit to this form of x-ray is that the radiation that is emitted is very low.  If you watch television daily, you are exposed to more radiation!  The new X-rays, used by an estimated 5 percent of dentists, are safer than the old method because they emit up to 90 percent less radiation. Six images of teeth can be taken for the same amount of radiation exposure it takes to process one piece of conventional film.

Intraoral Camera

“A picture is worth a thousand words.”  Intraoral pictures allow the dentist and team to take photos of your mouth as it presently exists and talk with you while you are both viewing that same photo.  The image is projected on the screen for you to see immediately.  These photos and the digital x-rays are reviewed during the examination and possible treatment is discussed as well.  Seeing the present oral condition allows the patient and dentist prioritize what phase treatment will be recommended and completed.  Often these photos can be sent with a pre-authorization to the insurance company or a referring specialist for consultation.  Other times, photos can be compared from one visit to the next to monitor change.

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