Patient Education

At Global Dental Associates we believe that a well educated patient will be better able to make good decisions that will affect their health today and in the future.  Our commitment to education spans beyond the continuing education that we as dental professionals engage in.  Often restorative options can be confusing.  We take the time to help you sort through the options and choose the one that is best for you!  To help in that process, we have incorporated an educational component which is visible in the reception area.  This constant loop goes through many options for treatment in every area of general and specialty dentistry.  Many times watching this material will provoke questions that you may never even consider for your treatment of treatment of a friend or relative.

Additionally, when Doctor recommends treatment we will show you the educational component selected specifically for your needs.  This video will express the present condition you have and the alternative treatment which will be suggested.  You will be able to see in several minutes the condition that presently exists and what that same tooth would look like if it were restored to the recommendation of the Doctor.  Seeing is believing!

At the conclusion of the visit we will give you the compatible literature to take home with you in addition to a comprehensive treatment plan.  All of your questions will be answered for you.  We offer consultative appointments when the treatment is extensive or if you would like to bring another decision maker with you to hear information.

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